Singer / Songwriter / Graphics Designer


William LaVant is a Singer & Songwriter, and has become one of the most known movements in the earth today. Sounding the alarm with his boldness and army strong vocals on the streets or in front of a congregation, at that specific time, any and every culture comes together in unity. William's style of ministry in music, along with his unexpected appearances, draw crowds of all ages, and surprisingly amazes those who are eager to experience his presence. William continues to strongly make this statement, as it clearly expresses who and what he stands for.

William J,Von LaVant IV, was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida on March 7, 1995. He explains that times were not always easy as a child, suffering with severe asthma attacks, and being hospitalized as an infant. "It seems like there was a tug of war over my life before I was born, my mother fell on her stomach while she was pregnant with me and the devil planned to kill me, but Jesus covered me." William didn't realize he began ministry at a young age, as he grew older, he started becoming more artistic in designing, drawing, dancing, but out of all the talents, his gift and biggest dream was to sing. "I remember my very first time singing in public was in my Grandfather's church, he called me up and I sang "This Little Light Of Mine" from then on singing was all I did everyday and I love it."

The ministry, humility, determination and testimony of William LaVant, continues to inspire people and other music artists everywhere. This young movement goes down in history today, not only as a God fearing, music artist, but a true example as the opposite of what others said couldn't, wouldn't, and never will happen.


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